Research Aim 3 Progress Updates

  • A sub-tidal survey of Tauranga Harbour was concluded in early 2016 by the University of Waikato and Manaaki Te Awanui. A total of 45 sites were sampled throughout Tauranga Moana for a range of biological and physicochemical parameters
  • Processing of sub-tidal samples and taxonomic identification of all infauna was concluded in early 2017 by Cawthron with assistance from Manaaki Te Awanui. Cawthron is now analyzing the survey data.
  • A 2-D hydrodynamic computer model of Tauranga Harbour has been built by MetOcean Solutions. Cawthron is now testing the model and preparing it to accept data inputs from estimated river discharges (sediment, nutrients and contaminants from land).
  • We have published a paper documenting cumulative impacts on Tauranga Harbour, demonstrating the application and the limitations of a model developed overseas. (Clark D, Ellis J, Goodwin E, Sinner J, Singh G 2016. Validation and limitations of a cumulative impact model for an estuary. Oceans & Coastal Mgmt. 120:88-98.)
  • We have submitted to an academic journal a paper on modelling of species responses to stressors such as sediment, nutrients and metals, based on data from the intertidal survey. These models incorporate new functional traits analysis and new multiple regression analysis. We will now use these techniques to estimate species response models for the sub-tidal environment in Tauranga Harbour.

The Oranga Taiao Oranga Tangata Project is builds on the work undertaken in MTM, and will develop toolsets that assist Iwi and Hapu with co-management of Estuaries.  By restoring the health of the Estuarine Environment, we also enhance health of the People.