The Mahinga Mataitai report focuses on five shellfish taonga species (Scallop, Horse mussel, Titiko, Pipi and Tuangi). The first report maps the historic and current habitat extent of each of these five species within the Tauranga Harbour using a Geographical Information Systems (GIS). The second report discusses the methods and findings of a population survey carried out on selected pipi and tuangi beds.


The Mahinga Mataitai report concentrates on Mahinga Mataitai (shellfish bed) areas within Tauranga Harbour. Five taonga species of particular importance to local hapu and iwi were chosen as focal species. The five taonga species were; the Tupa/scallop (Pecten novaezelandiae), the Titiko/mud snail (Amphibola crenata), the Pipi (Paphies australis), the Tuangi/cockle (Austrovenus stutchburyi) and the Kukuroa/ horse mussel ( Atrina zelandica).

The objective of this report was to establish the current distribution and extent of shellfish habitats within the Tauranga harbour. A series of baseline maps were created using information collected by an extensive literature review, and collated mātauranga māori. These maps depict the cultural and recreational shellfish habitats within the Tauranga Harbour. The second portion of the project establishes baseline populations for pipi and tuangi in selected areas. The survey looked at variables such as frequencies, densities, concentrations of harvestable sizes, recruitment and shellfish condition.