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Mediated Modelling

The Mediated Modelling (MM) project brought together about 20 key stakeholders for a series of five workshops between November 2012 and May 2011. The ultimate goal of the Mediated Modelling project was to enhance and restore ecosystems of importance to iwi and hapu of Tauranga Moana. Therefore, key representatives from across Tauranga, including local iwi participants, [...]

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Health of Tauranga Harbour

This report summarises what is currently known about the ecological health of Tauranga Harbour - traditionally known to local iwi as Te Awanui - in order to inform the Tauranga community, iwi and stakeholders of the 'state of the harbour' and to identify information gaps and priorities for field research View Report

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Matauranga Māori Report

This report aims to provide a cultural review of the health of Te Awanui. The report is based on a literature review of archives, cultural impact assessments, resource consent submissions, Waitangi Tribunal reports and other published reports. It is important to note that this report is not a full historical account of all cultural issues regarding [...]

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Restored dunes supporting more Pipi / Tuatua

A joint project between tangata whenua, Māori researchers and ecologists, has found that toheroa, which was once abundant on the Horowhenua coastline, and still prized by tangata whenua, have been reduced to very low numbers between Hōkio and Ōtaki. An associated study assessing Escherichia coli (a bacteria that indicates faecal contamination) clearly indicated that the shellfish that [...]

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Mahinga Mataitai

The Mahinga Mataitai report focuses on five shellfish taonga species (Scallop, Horse mussel, Titiko, Pipi and Tuangi). The first report maps the historic and current habitat extent of each of these five species within the Tauranga Harbour using a Geographical Information Systems (GIS). The second report discusses the methods and findings of a population survey [...]

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